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About Red House

Red House to those already converted provides enjoyable foraging for its visitors with new finds arriving every day. There’s always something new to discover for yourself; to surprise and delight, there’s often a story behind everything we sell.


Neither a traditional antique shop nor a modern gallery, our eclectic collection offers inspiration and ideas on how to successfully mix old and new pieces in your home.


We share with our customers an appreciation of good modern design that stands the test of time, craftsmanship and a love of old things that help give soul to a home that mass produced pieces never can.


Our Background

Red House is run by husband and wife team Kevin and Janet Stevens.


Kevin designs contemporary furniture influenced by the Arts and Crafts movement. A trained architect Kevin’s work has been featured in top interiors magazines including Homes & Gardens, Living etc and Country Living. Kevin sources our vintage pieces and has an eye for intriguing finds.


Janet is also a designer. Janet trained as an architect then specialised in interiors and retail design for leading names in the industry, her experience means she is full of invaluable tips and ideas for our clients decorating their homes.


Red House is situated in Bedale, North Yorkshire. A Georgian market town on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales yet only 5 minutes from the A1, Bedale is easily reached and provides a great destination for a day out.


To truly appreciate the difference, Red House is well worth a visit.